Village Garden

Shirley initially stared to discover what was already there. Not quite an archeological dig but something of a discovery journey. Some members of the community who have custody of some beds are coming back and working their beds. A small group of young men from Triabunna School have begun regular work exercising their strength and knowledge to build compost bins, border garden beds, cart dirt and mulch. Their team work and enthusiasm have made working with them a delight. They intend to return after the school holidays. In the future primary school students will also be involved. We also plan to involve ourselves in some bee friendly projects. Many thanks to Tom Stanton from the Orford Quarry who has donated some great soil.

So far we have planted many herbs, some onions, pak choi, silver beet, raspberry canes and garlic.

We would really like some large apple boxes to use as more raised beds for other community members. If you know where we can source these please tell Tom or leave a message at the Village. A pitch fork for turning the compost would also be greatly appreciated.

Vegetables and produce grown at Spring Bay Mill from Paddy’s Produce are available for purchase each Wednesday afternoon from around 2.00pm.

Contact Shirley if you can help in any way or need further information

Latest Garden Newsletter can be downloaded here.