About the Village Garden

Shirley is in residence at The Village Garden most Wednesdays.

History: The most recent rebirthing of the Village Garden began in May 2019. After funding was achieved to support a community gardener, work began in earnest. Shirley was fortunate enough to be appointed as the community gardener.

The aims of the garden project are to provide gardening, workshops, picnics and community gatherings to achieve low cost healthy living while celebrating personal journeys and achievements along the way.

Members of the community who have custody of some beds are coming and working their beds. A group from Triabunna School helped out to build compost bins, border garden beds, cart dirt and mulch. Many thanks to Tom Stanton from the Orford Quarry who has donated some great soil.

So far we have planted many herbs, and a range of vegetables.

Contact Shirley if you can help in any way or need further information
email: shirley.bacon1@bigpond.com
Mobile: 0418 174 835

Garden Newsletter

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