Walking Programme

July to December 2024 Programme Click for PDF.

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About this Community Group

ERDO is delighted to be able to highlight a local Community Group, the Spring Bay Walkers, or these days perhaps just Ramblers.

Share the wonders and pleasures experienced by the Spring Bay Walkers group as they explore mainly their local Glamorgan Spring Bay area on the beautiful East Coast of Tasmania. The Spring Bay Walkers delight in walking (well Rambling more than likely these days), companionship and sharing local knowledge while enjoying the sights of the Glamorgan Spring Bay area, from Buckland to Bicheno (and sometimes beyond), and especially the ever changing views and moods of Maria Island.

By prior arrangement with many property owners we are able to visit some places which are not available for public access. Many of our members are well versed in the significant history of the local area which goes back to early 1820’s. 

For those with a Photographic interest, our venues always provide much opportunity for photograph taking.

Our walks cater for all, from the fully energetic to those who for whatever reason are more inclined to amble. While The Spring Bay Walkers are a local Community group, anyone visiting the Area is more than welcome to join in with those who live here. The organisers are all volunteers from the Community .

Walks are on Thursday mornings and those who wish to walk meet either in Orford or Triabunna depending on the destination, between 9.30 and 9.40 am. Car Pooling is available, depending on where we drive to a small fee may be applicable to the driver to cover petrol costs.

Meeting locations are:

  • Triabunna, Esplanade West car parking, opposite Community Health Centre usually @ 9.30am.
  • Orford, Esplanade car parking river side, opposite Scorcher’s Restaurant, usually @ 9.40am.

Places we walk include:

Bolton’s Beach, Barton Avenue & Baring Ct Orford, Little Swanport area, Convict Road Orford, Grindstone Bay, Rheban Beach, Raspin’s Beach Orford, Pelican Walk, Triabunna, Spring Beach, Prosser River Convict Trail to Probation Station, Mayfield Mill & Buxton River, The Thumbs, Wielangta Forest Trail, Woodsden Old Coach Road, Rocky Hills Probation Station, Old & New Saltworks, Buckland Bushland Gardens, Maria Island, Orford Town, Triabunna Town, Swansea Heritage Walk, Ross, Campbell Town, Lake Leake, Coles Bay, Nugent. Variety for everyone.


  • Beth 0407 571 181
  • Chris 0458 560 753

Or Email the Webmaster and messages will be passed on.

Some Photos From Walks