The Spring Bay Community Boat Shed at The Village in Triabunna was a number of years ago donated a wooden boat for restoration. It has an interesting history but hopefully more about it can be found from additional research.

The “Una” (Circa early 1900s) has all the features of an American Runabout of the 1910-20’s era BUT it was supposedly built in Strahan on Tasmanian’s West Coast, used on Macquarie Harbour, then sent to Dover where bigger motor and skeg/keel fin was fitted to keep it pointing straight under power from the bigger motor.

If anyone who may have information about her Strahan and/or Dover provenance in the early 1900’s and beyond; or information on her hull design as a motor boat please get in touch. “Una” of course may not even have been her original name.

The Wooden Boat Guild of Tasmania is also assisting with research into providence and significance/history/usage, and all information gathered will help our approach to the National Maritime Museum for Historic Vessel Registration.

What we are trying to do is get the recognition for the boat which it deserves to have and put it back in the water where she deserves to be.

Photos of “Una” as it is now.

If you can help in any way please contact Shed Coordinator David Gatenby
e-mail or phone
mob. 0400 432 331