Some of our Past Events
Held @ The Village

Linocut Printing Workshop

Some great prints emerged from second linocut printing workshop. The first workshop was designing and carving the lino. The second workshop was printing. Thanks to the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council for their sponsorship and ERDO for their support. A great time was had by all. Andrea Firth.

Electric-Hybrid Vehicle Shows

Each April for a number of years Village/ERDO has been hosting a show featuring Electric Vehicles, in association with Tasmanian Electric Vehicle Association. See photos here:

Bart Stenhouse & Paco Heredia Concert 2018

Bart Stenhouse returned to The Village with Spanish guitarist Paco Heredia as part of their Australian ‘Flamenco Meets Jazz Tour’ in April 2018. An intimate evening to stir your soul with fused flamenco, jazz and World music.

Bart Stenhouse Concert 2017

The Village Art Space was the venue in October 2017 for a fabulous guitar concert by Australian guitarist Bart Stenhouse. Bart entertained the audience with predominantly flamenco inspired pieces but also classically oriented.

We were privileged to hear an up and coming artist that I am sure we will hear much more of. Bart, you are welcome back anytime.

Link to Bart’s web page.

Some photos of the concert: