Our Favourite Links

Colony 47:

Tasmanian, not for profit organisation offering services to disadvantaged Tasmanians for over thirty six years.

Rural Alive and Well:

Rural Alive and Well Inc is a not for profit organsiation delivering suicide prevention and community wellbeing services to the Central Highlands, Glamorgan Spring Bay and Southern Midlands Municipalities in Tasmania. Rural Alive & Well Inc is also funded to provide a suicide prevention and community wellbeing service for Forest Workers, their families and associated businesses who have been impacted by recent changes to the Forest Industry within Tasmania.

Spring Bay Community Boat Shed

The Community Shed has been in operation since 2010, firstly on the Triabunna waterfront and now under the auspices of East Coast Regional Development Org Inc (The Village) is operating out of sheds at The Village in Triabunna. With support from the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, the Tasmanian Men’s Shed Association and very generous donors, an expanding membership of interested people ensure that many opportunities are provided for satisfying personal aims and sharing real fellowship “mucking” around in wooden boats.

Spring Bay Community Boat Shed

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council:


Orford Odeon Community Cinema:

The Orford Odeon is a volunteer-run, registered, not-for-profit Community Association which screens films to provide a Cinematic Experience that is accessible financially to the entire Community and raise money to fund projects that are of benefit to the community.

See web page here.

Enterprise Centres Tasmania:

A network of independent, not for profit, community-based organisations partly http://www.orfordodeon.com/funded by the Tasmanian Government with expertise in small business. They can assist with a wide range of business issues and refer clients to other sources of business support. Enterprise Centres Tasmania runs regular workshops covering a wide range of topics relevant to small business.

Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society:

Now part of the refurbished and renovated East Coast Heritage Museum and Visitor Information Centre situated on the corner of Noyes Street and Franklin Street (on the main road) Swansea. An extensive collection of photographs, documents, manuscripts, diaries, newspaper cuttings and books about the history of the Glamorgan Spring Bay area. Society was established to safeguard, maintain and collect local history for the municipality of Glamorgan Spring Bay. Important activities include response to family history research requests, gathering and safeguarding photographic and other records

Tasmanian Community Fund:

The Tasmanian Community Fund was established in 1999 to provide grants to not-for-profit and community organisations that make a difference by improving the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of the Tasmanian community.

Sustainable Living Tasmania:

Making Tasmania’s communities and natural environments happy, healthy and sustainable.

The Makers’ Workshop Burnie:

Makers’ Workshop is a place that honours Burnie’s history, makers, innovators and artists. Includes Creative Paper. (The creaters of King Wilbert II of Tasmania, now resident @ The Village)

NRM South

“The Southern Region’s natural resources will be protected, sustainably managed and improved for the shared environmental, social and economic benefit of our Region by a well-informed, well-resourced and actively committed community.”

East Coast Tasmania:

Tourism Site for East Coast  in Tasmania from Buckland in the south to Bay of Fires in the north. http://www.eastcoasttasmania.com/

Great Oyster Bay Community News

Great Oyster Bay Community News is a weekly publication covering the Great Oyster Bay area on the East coast of Tasmania. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/greatoysterbaycommunitynews