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Background of East Coast Network Group

The East Coast Network Group is a Community based group initiated in 2011, by Vija Hughes (Colony 47), Glamorgan Spring Bay Council (then Deputy Mayor) Jennifer Crawford, and Leonie Young & Jane Teniswood from Eastcoast Regional Development Organisation (ERDO). The Network normally meets at The Village, 20 Melbourne Street in Triabunna.

The East Coast Network Group has connected over 100 participants from the three tiers of government, school principals and community members interested in community and economic development.

The networking meetings aim to bring together people who are living and/or working in the East Coast area to:

  • Link existing groups & community networks & resources
  • Identify gaps in service
  • Avoid duplication of services
  • Increase public awareness of available services
  • Facilitate the development of open communication
  • Connect formally with the three tiers of Government
  • Create new possibilities which will enhance and improve service delivery in the region.

The format is a “round-table” giving everyone a chance to let others know who they are and what they do. Meetings are facilitated, not chaired. Everyone then has the opportunity to “connect” over morning tea. 

The East Coast networking meetings are open to anyone interested in bringing  together people who are living and/or working in the East Coast. 

For more information on the East Coast Network contact Jane Teniswood, Eastcoast Regional Development Organisation (ERDO) Ph: (03) 6257 7583; Email:

Or Vija Hughes Email:

Focus Groups

As the number of participants in East Coast Network increases there is a need, at times, for focus groups to meet.

In April 2014 a small group from the network who were interested in education, training and employment, initiated the successful “Stepping into the Future” Expo held at The Village. These Expos were held annually until 2017. 

As more than 50 members of the East Coast Network are connected in some way to health service delivery, we have now initiated an East Coast Health Network that focuses on the delivery of medical & allied health services across the Glamorgan Spring Bay Municipality and connects to the existing East Coast Community Network.

East Coast Health Network

A community based approach to enhancing health provision in our community by providing a forum for all stakeholders to meet, share ideas and experiences and strengthen relationships. It is an opportunity to identify and respond to some of the many challenges faced by our rural community.

In 2014 the first meeting of this group was held at the Village and are held on a regular basis. 

For more information on the East Coast Health Network contact Network Co-ordinator Jill Morgan: email / Ph 0409 267 077.