Dorothy Duncombe Jackson is well known locally on the East Coast and she is staging a Retrospective Exhibition covering decades of artmaking. Her career began in Sydney, without support, having to do her creative work around her “day jobs”, using evenings and weekends to pursue her crafts, also trying to keep up with the arts world. She did however work for “like professions”, including ABC television and NIDA.

Over the years Dorothy had many roles in the arts including various theatre positions on and back stage, and still feels that’s her great love.

Dorothy accepted every opportunity, paid or unpaid. She always aimed for high ethical work standards in her artwork, therefore she became known for these qualities, and it paid off.

Her move to the Southern Highlands of NAW changed her focus, and painting, pottery and sculpture took over. Her first Solo exhibition in pottery was in Wollongong and many exhibitions have followed.

Her work is truly story based – even story driven. This is evident in the Retrospective Exhibition especially the “Courtesan Warrior” and “Rituals of Death and Dying” and the series. The latter turned into a touring show. This first Exhibition in Murwillumbah, was an installation of 120 pieces.

Dorothy made an overseas trip in 2002, to see all the things she had wanted to do for years. A highlight was spending 9 months in Cornwall, for many famous potters, artists and sculptors studios, where their legacy is still strong. The renowned sculptor Barbara Hepworth and potter Bernard Leach had lived in the same street where Dorothy stayed, which pleased her. She exhibited in England and she was invited to exhibit in Barcelona and she attended the Opening of the Show, a frightening experience!

Having her own gallery in Bothwell when she first came to Tasmania was a great experience and she has exhibited in Hobart Galleries: four solo shows in Salamanca and one in Sandy Bay. Dorothy feels lucky having wonderful help from Gallery Directors who wanted her work and helped her to expand her shows.

Since moving to East Coast Dorothy has busied herself in the Art, Craft, Pottery and Theatrical life of Glamorgan Spring Bay. Theatrically, participating in numerous performances in Swansea and Triabunna, taking the part of locally renowned 19th Century artist and writer Louisa Anne Meredith at a book launch by the Historical Society, taking the part of the Mock Turtle in Alice in Wonderland production at The Village, In Art field Dorothy has curated numerous Exhibitions at The Village, including for John Ingleton, Ruth Rees, Margaret Skowronski, Botanica, Eileen Brooker and more, as well as of course showing her own work.

As you can see, Dorothy loves to paint, make sculpture and pottery. She enjoys teaching, seeing people’s creativity is thrilling to her, and has been instrumental in getting The Village Pottery Studio up and running.

Artwork featured in the Retrospective