Information and Resources from ERDO and other sources about the Current COVID-19 Situation

Need Help – Connect

Sarah Courtney State Minister for Health, Women, Strategic Growth, Small Business, Hospitality & Events recently launched the “Need Help – Connect”, a pocket size booklet of manned phone support organisations. The booklet is a partnership of Eastcoast Regional Development Organisation Inc (ERDO), Orford Triabunna Chamber of Commerce Inc (OTCC) and Rural Alive & Well (RAW).

These organisations recognised the State need for access to support for the many without a computer or smart phone during this time of uncertainty. The print of 10,000 booklets will be distributed Statewide by RAW, locally through The Village, doctors surgeries, chemists, politicians offices etc. and a pdf version of the information card can be downloaded from ERDO or OTCC websites.

RAW website is

If you need any further information please contact Jane Teniswood (ERDO/Eastcoast Networking Group) 0458 631 689; or Darren Thurlow of RAW 62541092.

During the worst part of the pandemic ERDO was offering assistance and support to others in the broader community, see our COVID-19 page on assistance and information ERDO is offering the local community, including a Comprehensive list of Phone numbers and Web addresses for any assistance needed.

Previous posts from The Village concerning COVID-19 circumstances:

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The Salvation Army Covid Response Swansea Area

Following on from The Salvation Army’s recent visits to Triabunna to provide essential assistance and services to our community during the COVID-19 situation, The Salvos will be visiting Swansea on Tuesdays 19th & 26th May where they will be at The Courthouse in Swansea. Please see following Flyer for details and contacts.

Click on Link to download PDF File

Reskill for the future – courses and training Funding available

ERDO assist if you are Self Isolating, the following list of useful phone contacts can be of assistance:

ERDO is commencing a collection of excess fresh garden produce to assist those at home in our local area. If you can help with this it would be wonderful.


This information is a guide to offer suggestions for accessing essential services in the Glamorgan Spring Bay area. See the page here.

Tasmanian Government

Tasmanian Government’s dedicated COVID-19 website

Fact sheets from the Health Department, can be downloaded from the Tasmanian Government Department of Health  website. This site also has other information on COVID-19 in Tasmania.

Skills Tasmania’s Rapid Response Skills Initiative

As a response to the current COVID-19 situation affecting business, on March 27th 2020, the Tasmanian Government announced an increase in funding and scope to the Skills Tasmania administered Rapid Response Skills Initiative.

There are two distinct stream of support – for employers, and for Job Seekers – as described herein:

In summary:

Rapid Response Skills Matching Service – for employers

•            Provider – Searson Buck Group Pty Ltd (Searson Buck) will work to assess the skills of displaced workers and match them to businesses who need new, work-ready employees. 

•            Employers – can access the appropriate link to Searson Buck from the RRSI web-page –

– to discuss their specific recruitment requirements and Searson Buck will assist them to source the staff they require. Searson Buck will not charge employers for a recruitment service, but if employers choose to engage Searson Buck as a labour hire option, then a commercial relationship between Searson Buck and the employer may then take place.

•            Job Seekers – who have lost their employment due to COVID-19, can choose to access the appropriate link to Searson Buck from the RRSI web-page –

– to undertake a skills assessment and register for suitable employment opportunities. Searson Buck will work with Job Seekers to identify the best employment pathway and training to connect them with employers, and assist them to apply for the Rapid Response Skills Training Support for any upskilling with licences or training. 

Rapid Response Skills Training Support – this is the currently established Skills Tasmania Rapid Response Skills initiative(RRSI) – for Job Seekers.

•            Job Seekers – may be able to immediately access up to $3000 towards the cost of training to help them get back to work as soon as possible. This includes up to $500 for employment advice. Funding can be used to pay for training, including licences, to improve job prospects, and for employment advice to help choose the best employment and training options available to them.

•            Eligibility – as per the established RRSI Guidelines available online. The focus of this program is to support people to gain the skills and support needed to get a job. If people have been made redundant – from casual, part-time or full-time work in the last 12 months due to retrenchment, downsizing or business closure. Job Seekers must be able to provide evidence of job loss, redundancy or retrenchment in the form of Centrelink Separation Certificate, or a notification of redundancy or job loss, such as a legitimate letter or email from their employer.

Further details, including the Guidelines, are available at,

or contact Allan Kenny (0438 371 183), or Bill Duhig (0400 843 804) from Skills Tasmania, or Nick Prokopiec (0419 425 168) from Searson Buck.